Many families have asked us if we can offer online consults. Now we can! Online consults are for families and professionals who need that bit of help, guidance and/or advice between appointments around their child’s development and best ways to support their child, or for families who can only visit us during school holidays because they live further away.

Before the online consult we ask families to complete our Online Consultation form and have a video ready (if possible) to view. We then watch the video together with the family and talk about what we saw, what the family experienced and possible strategies to trial. We are also available to observe parents or carers playing with their child live, and then provide online coaching during the play session and short feedback after the session. If parents do not have a video, then we can discuss strategies. It is often best to see a video together and discuss what was experienced for the parent and child.

Please scroll down and fill in the fields. The more we know, the better we can be prepared to communicate with you and support you and your child. The following information will be kept confidential and secure.
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