This video is an inspirational and informative interview by Debbie Steinberg Kuntz (Marriage and Family Therapist, Founder of Bright and Quirky) with Dr Mona Delahooke (Clinical Psychologist and Author).

It is about changing the paradigm of parenting and teaching children using a nervous system-based approach rather than a behavioural one. The chat is almost 40 minutes of inspirational gems of knowledge and experience by Mona about how to support children’s neurodiverse nervous systems – because being a parent and teacher is about understanding and supporting children’s nervous systems rather than managing behaviours. Mona reminds us that everyone has a nervous system, even parents and teachers. She highlights that it is not about what we say or do to children – but how we are with children.

Mona talks about how the neurodivergent child’s ‘body budget’, or nervous system battery, is drained by traditional educational settings because their nervous system is not properly understood, and how children are under constant stress without sufficient recharge or refills. Children’s behaviours are a direct response to this stress.

We strongly believe this video is worth watching and sharing with all parents and teachers. For further information please go to Bright and Quirky and Mona Delahooke.

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