Certified DIRFloortime® Speech Pathologist and Trainer

Areas of interest
  • Parent Coaching
  • Sharing attention
  • Engaging
  • Connecting
  • Understanding
  • Communicating and interacting with others
  • Reading social cues
  • Using verbal and non-verbal language to make intentions known
  • Behaviour as communication
  • Parent-child interactions and relationships
  • Evidence-based speech pathology approaches and regular evaluations
  • Managing feedback and complaints.
  • English
  • Lithuanian
“I believe the foundation for all relationships is understanding and communicating.”

Dana knows about communication and relationships and works from an evidence-based foundation. Dana has worked as a Speech Pathologist since 1989 and as a DIRFloortime® certified Speech Pathologist since 2007. Dana knows about communication and relationships. She is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia. Dana was the first Speech Pathologist to be DIRFloortime® Certified in Australia. She has worked as a DIRFloortime® practitioner in her own private practice since 2007. Dana believes language is a complex process which not only involves understanding spoken words, but more importantly understanding people’s intentions, non-verbal communication, what their bodies are doing and what is happening in their space.

Dana works with children’s language and social-emotional development in a sensory-motor and play environment, taking into consideration, the children’s individual differences in a relationship-based context with their parents, siblings, peers and other significant people in their life.

Dana is a certified Profectum Academy Trainer in the DIR Model and Foundational Capacities for Development (FCD). She is also a certified Hanen® Speech Pathologist in It Takes Two to Talk®, More than Words®, Learning Language and Loving It™ and Talkability™ training. She is also a certified Marte Meo® Therapist and has an ‘Expert DIRFloortime® Provider’ qualification through the Interdisciplinary Council of Development and Learning (ICDL) and Profectum. She has worked with Georgina Ahrens, DIRFloortime® Certified Occupational Therapist in Sydney providing DIRFloortime® family consults as well as professional and parent training locally, nationally and internationally.

Dana is only seeing clients in co-therapy sessions as well as providing supervision, mentoring and support to staff and other professionals. Dana is available for one off consults with parents on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Dana is not currently taking new clients.

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Children and relationships are our passion.

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