Our Early Childhood Intervention stream is focused on supporting children aged 0-7 who experience a developmental delay or disability. At My Therapy House® we believe in the importance and benefits of supporting early childhood development for children.

Children develop and learn rapidly in their first six years of life, so significant benefit is gained by initiating play-based therapy in these early formative years. It is important to address any concerns as early as possible, this will assist a child’s development and help them become a successful learner.

As a specialist team we provide support through family-focused and child-centred therapy. Parents and caregivers are able to learn how to help their child in a comfortable homely, supportive, playful and sensory-motor learning environment.

To learn more about our services for Early Intervention please see the brochure below.

Early Intervention Brochure

Assessments are done in collaboration with the individual and family. We focus on the strengths of the individual and family and provide strategies for the individual and/or parents to support the challenges.

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