Children use a variety of behaviours to communicate their desires, needs and fears. Sometimes behaviours communicate that the child feels dysregulated from within e.g. they may be tired, hungry, anxious or constipated.

By observing the child’s behaviour and talking to the family (especially if the child is non-verbal and cannot communicate using words) we are able to understand what they are trying to communicate and why they may feel dysregulated. We assess a child’s and parent’s individual communication and sensory motor profiles, and together with the child and child’s family determine the best approach for helping parents understand their child’s behaviour and how to best support their child be more regulated and engaged. We also refer to other services if we see the child would benefit from support from other specialists in this area. Please contact us for more information.

Challenging behaviours are a scream for help. It is up to us to interpret those behaviours and help individuals make sense of them and their feelings and become regulated so they find peace and wellbeing within themselves.

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