October is Feedback Month at My Therapy House. We encourage clients and families to provide us anonymous feedback by means of an online survey to let us know how we are doing and what we could do better. Here are some of the 2018 results.


When families were asked how satisfied they were with our environment, therapeutic programs, whether My Therapy House addresses their child’s development needs and their family’s needs and whether they feel our staff are highly trained in their area(s) of expertise, most respondents responded as being very satisfied and satisfied with only one or two respondents feeling neutral.


All respondents thought that My Therapy House is a safe and stimulating place for their child.


When asked if their child was happy to attend My Therapy House, 100% of respondents indicated a clear YES!. When asked what one word their child would use to describe My Therapy House, responses included fun, play, safe, happy, caring, exciting, relief, brilliant, awesome, acceptance and love.


Over 85% of the respondents were satisfied with our Therapy Rooms, Cleanliness of the Practice, Availability and Contactability of Staff, Waiting Room, Duration of Sessions, Punctuality of Staff to Start and Finish Sessions, Reception Services and Outside Play Area. Over 75% of respondents were satisfied with our scheduling and documentation. This means we can always improve in these two areas.  Comments respondents made included:


“ I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at My Therapy House. They’re brilliant. I recommend it to anyone who listens to me”,


“I appreciate the lengths they go to to enable the family to attend therapy and they look after the whole family”


“Welcoming and caring environment. Safety”


“Friendliness and approachability of staff.”

When respondents were asked how they feel they are supported at My Therapy Houseover 85% replied they felt listened to. Respondents  also felt they are supported in advocating for themselves and their child, felt they have the information about their child’s diagnosis and how to best support their development and that they can better interact with their child.


In the survey we also asked if clients feel we are addressing their cultural needs,and whether they understand their rights as consumers and clients and know how to provide feedback. Where applicable, respondents felt their cultural needs were being addressed and over 95% of respondents felt either very satisfied or satisfied in understanding their rights as a consumer and how to provide feedback.


We are always open to suggestions and feedback about how to make My Therapy Housea better experience for clients and families. With the ever changing NDIS requirements, we are always tweaking our documentation and reporting styles to meet the government’s requirements and ensure our family’s receive the most up to date information using family friendly language when possible.


Thank you to all the families for participating in the survey. We welcome ongoing feedback either verbally or by means of our suggestion box. It is the families and clients, as much as the staff and environment which makes My Therapy House a special , fun and safe place to enable the children’s, parents’ and staff development.