We assess each child’s strengths and challenges by taking the time to talk to the child and their family. Each assessment is tailored to suit the child’s needs, developmental level and age range, as each child is unique.

We use evidence-based standardised tools as part of our multi-disciplinary assessment that our staff have been trained to administer. We assess the child across 10 domains and then monitor progress every 6 months. We also assess the child’s Functional Emotional Developmental levels, Social Interaction, Play, Sensory-Motor Processing and Language Development. We provide a multi-disciplinary assessment to keep costs down for families and ensure we approach the individual’s development holistically, not as separate pieces in different locations.

During the assessments we take the time to observe parent-child interactions, communicate, interact and play with the child, and discuss any concerns with the family. We try different strategies to support the child’s development and start coaching the family on how to use the strategies at home.

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Before your Child’s Assessment
Your Initial Assessment

Assessments are done in collaboration with the individual and family. We focus on the strengths of the individual and family and provide strategies for the individual and/or parents to support the challenges.

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