At My Therapy House, we work as a team with parents and caregivers to support your child’s development. You, as parents or caregivers, are a crucial part of the success of your child’s journey.

We invite you to:

  • actively participate in your child’s sessions
  • learn how to help yourself and your child
  • learn to see your own and your child’s strengths
  • learn to communicate about your own needs, as well as your child’s needs
  • learn to communicate about your child in a positive way

This is the key to your child’s success!

What does this mean?

We believe that you, as a parent, are the strength and cornerstone of your child’s development. You are their anchor and regulation because you spend the most time with your child. This means it is as important, if not more important, that we work with you while also working with your child, and for you to find time and energy to work on yourself so you are available and present for your child.

You are your child’s champion. This means you are their advocate and positive voice, and that you have a strong belief that your child has unique abilities and can flourish and prosper in the world. It might not always be easy for you to see your child’s unique abilities when society tells you otherwise. Words like ‘disability’, ‘special needs’ and ‘learning issues’ do not support you to see your child’s positive abilities and strengths. You might be steered into seeing the downfalls and the things your child cannot do by the way government systems fund your child’s supports (ie. based on disabilities, rather than what they can do).

At My Therapy House, we work within the system to support your child’s access to funding for therapeutic services by using the terminology that is required by these systems, however, we believe that your child has their own strengths, potentials and uniqueness and is perfect within themselves. They are enough in who they are, and they are on their journey to growing and developing into their true authentic selves!

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Dr. Maya Angelo

At My Therapy House, we celebrate individual differences and believe that each human being is perfect in their own right. We work from this premise to support you to see and accept your child for who they are while supporting them to grow into their unique potential.

How do we do this?

We work with you, both individually and during your child’s sessions, to:

  • Coach and mentor you in how to interact, communicate and play with your child based on your own and your child’s individual profiles
  • Listen to your concerns, answer questions, and reframe and challenge attitudes and beliefs which may be holding you or your child back from developing to full potential
  • Emotionally hold you and your child through times of uncertainty
  • Refer to other providers, if and when you need extra or different types of support
  • Take on your feedback and incorporate it into our service provision
  • Set your goals together with you, so that you are able to work on your own development and realise your parenting potential while supporting you to help your child work on their goals

Parent Invitation

We invite you to fully commit to taking this journey with us to support your child’s development; to make an agreement with yourself and your child so that you, as a parent, can continue your growth and learning with us, thereby supporting your child’s development.

Commitment to Myself and My Child

As a parent, I agree to work on my own attitude, beliefs, mental health and wellbeing so I can be the best support that I can be for my child. This includes:

Looking after my mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being on a daily basis by:

  • Taking some time out for myself to reflect on myself in a positive way
  • Expressing out loud at least one positive thing about myself every day
  • Taking time to learn more about myself
  • Noticing any mental, physical or emotional blocks I may have which may stop me from looking after myself and my development
  • Understanding that I am on a journey to realise my full potential and this journey can take time
  • Being curious and not judgemental of myself
  • Being kind to myself
  • Being more aware of the beliefs I have about my child and understanding which ones support and which ones may hinder my child’s development
  • Working to change the beliefs and perceptions I have about my child to be positive and supportive of their development
  • Seeking professional help as needed

Actively participating in my child’s journey to support their development by:

  • Looking after myself
  • Actively participating in sessions
  • Practising strategies learnt in sessions at home
  • Being kind to myself if I was not able to practise the strategies, but also exploring why (i.e. is there an underlying cause?)
  • Asking questions if I have not understood something
  • Learning new ways to observe and make meaning around my child’s behaviours and individual differences
  • Learning new ways to respond to my child’s behaviours
  • Learning new ways to interact and communicate with my child
  • Learning new ways to play with my child
  • Expressing at least one positive thing about and to my child every day
  • Taking on the very important role of being my child’s champion, no matter what!

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