Welcome to our second video blog ‘The Pig is Running’ book for language development.  Here Patsy, the Music Therapist and myself, Speech Pathologist, show you how to use the book we have published to teach children language. We are highlighting the concept of ‘run’ by repeating it over and over again with the different animals and demonstrating this action with the animals and with our bodies. We are also teaching object permanence, which means that the child knows that something exists even if they cannot see it.  In early cognitive development, children love hiding themselves or objects and looking for others or the objects.  “Hide and seek” is often a very popular game with some of the children and adolescents we work with. In this video we hide the animals in the barrel and take them out one at a time.  The anticipation and affect we are using with our faces, voice tones and bodies keep children interested and engaged and hence teach shared attention and listening skills.  We hope you enjoy this short video with your child!

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