On Wednesday 16th May, we had Natalie and Chelsea from Healthcare Australia (HCA Home) present to our families the services that HCA Home offer using the NDIS Core Supports funding to support children at home and in the community.

They provide a variety of services including supporting your child to learn activities of daily living at home, supporting your child access different community groups, supporting them at home, while you go out, supporting your child while you are at home and need to have some time to yourself.

HCA Home work with families to come up with a customised plan, help stretch your NDIS funding further and get families the right kind of quality support that you need.

It was a very informative discussion and well-prepared presentation, with lots of advice given to the families.

We received great feedback from our families that they found the talk to be very beneficial:

“I really found this morning’s talk extremely helpful”

“It’s great to know that there are great agencies like HCA around that seem to go that extra step in taking the care and time to “match” you up with the right “carer” or support person is really encouraging”

“Gained more details on how core supports can be used”

“Helped with understanding the process of finding support carers that matches the child’s profile”

“I found it really useful to understanding, how HCA go to great lengths to find the “right fit” for a support worker and your family”

My Therapy house® is committed to providing families with information about other providers who may be able to help their children beyond the scope of therapy. Please contact  Natalie (08) 7421 4458 or 0490 076 550 or Chelsea (08) 7421 4628 or 0490 076 387 if you are interested in gaining more information about HCA or write to Celeste  – celeste.dwarka@mytherapyhouse.com.au

HCA website: https://www.hcahome.com.au/disability-care-ndis/

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