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At My Therapy House® we have been supporting children’s language, play, early literacy and gross motor development through music, songs and visual strategies. We designed a series of 12 books about animals performing different actions to help children learn language concepts through music and play. These ebooks were so successful with the children and adolescents we work with that we decided to publish them through Amazon Kindle books and iBooks for Apple products. Each book has pictures depicting the targeted action with different animals performing the actions, as well as original music scores composed by our Music Therapist. When people buy the ebooks they can then access the free video corresponding to the particular book which has animal puppets performing the actions with the music and song. These videos have been very popular for modelling the actions and songs for children who learn best through video footage and music. We tried to keep the prices of the books down, as we believe everyone should be able to access these learning tools. Our clients and families were the inspiration for the books and we thank them for their continuing support. We hope these books are helpful to other families and practitioners.

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