At My Therapy House® we:

  • WORK WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES using play based, child-lead and family-centred evidence-based approaches
  • UNDERSTAND child development and how to communicate this with families
  • ARE A SMALL LOCAL FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS thereby having a personalized therapeutic relationship with each of our families
We work with young children who live with social-emotional and communication challenges.

We use an evidence-based relationship-centered developmental approach which is customised to meet each child’s individual needs. The foundation for the work we do at My Therapy House® is based on social-emotional development and Attachment Theory.  The approach is based on evidence-based research (Research evidence re Developmental-Relationship Based Interventions for Autism and Evidence Base for the DIRFloortime® Approach ) as well as the Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA ) Best Practice Guidelines. We use sensory-motor, play and rich language environments to help children regulate, connect, listen to, interact and communicate with their family members and others. We are a registered NDIS provider, and can facilitate services through Medicare and Private Health Insurance. We have supported and helped many parents navigate their way through different funding regulations to support their child’s development.

Our services are personalised. We know that each child is unique, and therefore all our programmes are unique to suit the child. We understand that each child interacts and communicates differently.

We have an environment which has specially designed inside and outside play areas for supporting children’s interactions and learning in natural ways. This is especially important when children have regulation challenges or may feel worried or anxious about going to different places, especially to new environments. Anxiety can hinder an individual’s learning and development.

At My Therapy House® , children feel it is their place. They feel safe and secure. They run in with confidence, joy and excitement. After one or two visits they start interacting and communicating with others. Parents become better at understanding how to interact and support their child.

We believe working with the caregivers and family is just as important (if not more), as working with the child. The summary below by Greenhouse Therapy Center in California, USA sums it up!

Who we are
What we believe in

“Adults Attune. Engage. Interact. Expand. Pretend. Challenge. Launch.
Kids Regulate. Connect. Reciprocate. Communicate. Imagine. Think. Grow.”

  1. When adults attune to the child and to themselves, children learn to become regulated.
  2. When adults engage the child, children learn to be emotionally connected to others.
  3. When adults respond and interact with the child, children learn to initiate reciprocal interaction with others.
  1. When adults expand the child’s initiations, children learn to communicate and negotiate with others.
  2. When adults enter the pretend realm, children learn to imagine and create ideas.
  3. When adults challenge a child to solve logical and emotional problems, children learn to think emotionally and logically.

Greenhouse Therapy Center in California, USA

Together as a collaborative team, we respect, embrace and empower our clients and their families, to enable them to be the best they can be!

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Children and relationships are our passion.

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