My Therapy House now employs a Community Worker to help families support their children getting the best out of My Therapy House services.

What is a Community Worker?

Community workers empower and support clients to achieve their goals. They help people access the services and supports they need. They advocate for the child’s and family’s needs and are responsible for ensuring the families understand what is happening in their child’s therapy sessions, as well as collecting information from the carers to provide therapists about what may need to change in therapy and service provision.

A Community Worker in an Allied Health Multidisciplinary team is a relatively new concept. At My Therapy House we believe in a holistic approach to client services from the moment clients enquire about our services to the moment they leave.

Our Community Worker will support clients through this process from point of intake to discharge, helping them complete forms needed and understand the NDIS process and how we work with them as well as the documentation we present to them. The Community Worker will be the point of contact and liaison for clients.

What are the Qualifications of your Community Worker?

Our Community Worker, Isabela, has a Diploma of Community Services and Certificate III in Individual Support in Aged Care and Disability, as well as a Bachelor of Education from Michelangelo College in Brasilia, Brazil. She is registered with the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA).

How is the Community Worker different from an Administration Assistant?

Although the Community Worker will be supporting clients in the endless paperwork we require from them for quality assurance purposes, they will not be coordinating the scheduling or implementing the day to day operations of the clinic. This will be the admin assistant’s role.

I’m confused? Who do I call for help?

Anything to do with your child’s therapy and reports, please talk to our Community Worker. Anything to do with Scheduling of appointment times, please call our Admin Assistant. Please don’t worry – just call the clinic on (08) 8277-7002 and we will direct your call to the best person to answer your questions or concerns.

How will the Community Worker work with my child and myself?

The Community Worker will meet with you at various times during your child’s time with My Therapy House to ensure that we (you and your child’s therapists) are all working as a team to support your child’s development.

  • To discuss your child’s Service Agreement and Development Plan
  • To touch base with you 8 weeks before your child’s NDIS review and get your input on where you think your child is at in their development.
  • To liaise with you about what goals you would like the therapists to recommend for your child’s next NDIS Plan
  • To discuss your child’s progress report and answer any questions you may have
  • To provide you with opportunity to ask questions about your child’s therapy and raise any concerns that might come up from your child’s carers and educators.

Will the Community Worker do any clinic work with my child?

Yes. The Community Worker is part of the multidisciplinary team and will also be working with specific children alongside the therapist to support their regulation and development during sessions.

If one of our therapists is away, the Community Worker can step in and support your child in co-therapy sessions.

What is the charge for the Community Worker?

Because the Community Worker is part of the multidisciplinary team and a qualified professional, their time is charged at the same rate as our therapists. For NDIS Participants this is as per the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, using the Item number 15_005_0118_1_3: Capacity Building for Early Childhood Interventions – Other Professional.

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