Our visiting Consultants and Counsellors liaise with the My Therapy HouseⓇ team where appropriate, supporting a holistic approach to intervention and support.

Consultants and Counselors


General Practitioner specialising in Disability and Developmental Delay

Our highly specialised and knowledgeable team works with Dr. Margaret Kyrkou, a visiting consultant, to ascertain the individual’s medical wellbeing, health and challenges and how these may be affecting their development. Dr. Margaret Kyrkou is a GP who specialises in Disability and Developmental Delay. Dr. Kyrkou provides individuals and their carers with information and basic counselling around the individual’s disability and how this may impact learning and development.


Accredited Social Worker, specialising in supporting children with PDA and their families

Sarah Lovett from our PDA Kids is working with some of our families.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge about PDA and she supports parents to support children.

Sarah is a Social Worker and is a mother to a child with PDA.

Here is her flyer.

Please contact Sarah directly for more information

Our well-being is at the core of our ability to think, learn and develop. If we are not well, we are not able to optimally function in our daily lives.

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